In this episode, we talk briefly about what it means to be a startup and how to move past those who would detract or deter from what you’re building. Hope you enjoy! 

We often get asked what the “WHY” behind this show/our work is. It’s an outstanding question to tackle, so instead of a new interview – this week we talk about why we’re doing this and what we hope to build together through this community.

A “startup” is the term many folks use for a new business (or sometimes an idea) that they plan to pursue as a part of their career and work. Many, MANY startups have become successful and provided sustainable careers for thousands of people while providing a service or offering that is welcomed by the marketplace.

The problem comes when “startups” are placed on an altar as the end-all, be-all of worth or success in business.

I’ve run into this regularly while working on building Strafire. Many people (likely innocently) will make statements like, “oh you’re just doing professional services? That’s nice.” Or, “So, you guys didn’t really invent anything, huh?” Or, my favorite: “You’re basically just a little Gary Vee trying to run around and copy his style.”

Nope. No. Nah.

Starting a business and building something of value is so much more than just inventing an idea or creating an app. Sure, those are some of the most successful iterations of a “startup,” but they’re not the only ones who have found success.

We spend some time talking through this concept during episode 7. Curious to hear what you all think!