On today’s episode I got to catch up with my former boss and mentor, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary’s reputation speaks for itself as he has built a multi-million dollar digital agency, created an international brand, written multiple New York Times bestsellers, and is now releasing his signature shoe as part of a collaboration with KSwiss.

During this conversation, we talk about how Gary views his shoe release in the context of his vision,  what drives him to keep hustling hit after hit, and how staying grounded in humility is the key to reaching your greatest potential. Plus he breaks some news about his future shoe releases. 😉

I’m personally very grateful to Gary for what he’s done for me, and for making time to come on the show. As his legacy continues to grow, it’s really fun to have a behind the scenes look at how he’s building the biggest building in town. Hope you guys thoroughly enjoy – if you do please leave us a review and share!!

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