On this episode, we got to chat with Shawn Nelson who is the Founder and CEO of Lovesac as well as a youtube vlogger where he documents his journey of growing LoveSac to a $100 million dollar business. He’s been featured on CNBC’s “Make Me a Millionaire Investor” been awarded  Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and won a $1 million dollar award for surviving and winning Richard Branson’s “rebel billionaire” tv show.

We got to talk about how he started LoveSac as a joke, how he’s kept his focus through the severe highs and lows of starting and running a business, and his vision for growing business and using retail in the future.

Shawn’s Vlog: https://www.youtube.com/user/shawnydlovesac
LoveSac’s brand site: www.https://www.lovesac.com/
Shop for beautiful gifts here (use code STARTUP): www.ugmonk.com