On this episode, we sat down with two of my personal heroes: Cory Gregory and John Fosco.

Cory and John are the co-founders of Max Effort Muscle and the hosts of the Business & Biceps podcast. Additionally, Cory has become a fitness icon over the past two decades and has commanded the cover of Muscle & Body, Fitness RX, Physical, & more.  These guys are incredibly high-energy and we had a blast talking about their humble beginnings, how they’ve leveraged Cory’s celebrity and John’s hustle to build a brand, and some of their best advice for entrepreneurs or anyone in the fitness industry.

I’ve looked up to these guys for a long time, and really enjoyed getting to talk shop with them. They’re both incredible performers and I think you’ll learn a lot from listening to their success story to this point.

Cory’s Website: https://corygfitness.com/

Max Effort Muscle: https://www.maxeffortmuscle.com/

Business & Biceps Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/business-and-biceps/id1072159330?mt=2