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Month: March 2019

TSS 055: How to Build a Long-Tail Strategy That Wins

On this episode, Paid Media Savant, Rob Bettis joins the show to explain how B2B businesses can effectively craft a “Long-Tail” strategy to grow their businesses. “The Riches are in the Niches” Rob’s Website  The UnFederated Podcast Play in new window |...

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#B2BBREAKFAST: The Value of Consistent Content Creation & Positioning

Back with episode two of #b2bbreakfast. On this episode, Adam talks about the value of creating content consistently, despite a lack of immediate result or reward. Also, he shares how Strafire is positioning itself in the market through content.  sidebar: 30 minutes of lunges are difficult. Play in new window |...

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TSS 054: Voice Tech for B2B with Patrick Givens (mini-series pt.1)

On this episode, Patrick Givens from Vayner Smart joins the show to discuss an overview of the Voice space & specifically discusses how B2B companies can build infrastructure to leverage voice, figure out their buyer’s use case, and explains the difference in value between private and public voice ecosystems. Play in new window |...

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