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Month: August 2018

TSS 049: Mental Health & Hustle w/ Carlos Whittaker

Carlos Whittaker is a man of many talents. From starting a dot com, to earning a career as a renown musician, winning a People’s Choice Award, and now writing two best-selling books; Carlos has a diverse career background. On this episode, we talk about what got him to where he is today, how he has explored his various interests, and how he important mental health is in a day of tech and information overload. Carlos’s Website Carlos’s Podcast  Kill The Spider Play in new window |...

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TSS 048: How He Generated $20 Million in Sales via LinkedIn

On this episode, we talk with Dennis Brown. Dennis is an entrepreneur, author, and podcast host of the show “Growth Experts.” After failing for nearly 10 years as a young entrepreneur, Dennis turned his career around and founded and sold two successful companies. He walks us through how we went from his company’s worst sales person to generating over $20 million dollars in annual sales, and shares his advice for growing and selling your network on LinkedIn. Enjoy! Dennis’s website (^^get his book for free!) Play in new window |...

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TSS Ep 47: How to Build a 6 figure business in 3 years

On this episode, we talk with Entrepreneur and Copywriter Ana Gotter. Ana shares her personal story of how she went from working as a sales clerk at a jewelry store to building a 6 figure copywriting business. She shares some advice and the lessons she’s learned in doing so. Check out her work on her website. Play in new window |...

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