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Month: May 2018

TSS 040 : Weekly Rundown Podcast Starts Revolution, Deadspin Controversy, & More

On this episode we discuss this past week’s news highlights, including: Deadspin controversy  Podcast helps overthrow a government Amazon Facial Recognition Tech  “Voce” bringing interactive notes to podcasts  Airbnb Travel Stories  Also, check out our co-host Nathan Kittrell’s brand new show! “The Growth Mode Podcast” Play in new window |...

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TSS 039: Becoming Influential – 4 steps that drove $5 million in sales w/ Josh Steimle

On this episode we discuss one CEO’s 4 step process to creating content and becoming an influencer. Josh Steimle is the CEO of Influencer, Inc. and he shares how he built his company, has created content, and how becoming an industry influencer directly led to $5 million worth of sales. Josh’s website: Josh’s company: Play in new window |...

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TSS 038: He Got His Dream Job on Twitter

On this episode we talk with my friend Chacho Valadez who went from selling phones to earning a job at Backstage Capital by using twitter. Check out the incredible work Chacho and the team at Backstage are doing in the VC space. Backstage Capital Chacho’s Twitter article on Chacho — Chacho Valadez was at home relaxing after his miserable job in phone sales when he picked up his phone and started engaging with his heroes on Twitter. Chacho was determined to become a part of the Venture Capital world, and had the goal of providing more VC funding...

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