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Month: September 2017


Finding a partner is tough. Whether you’re looking for a complement in life (hello Tinder), on a basketball court (hello Kyrie/Lebron), or in a business – finding the right fit can make or break the opportunity in front of you. On this week’s episode, we talk to two guys who left one incredibly successful startup venture (Bellhops) to start a new one together. Matt Patterson and Matt Harb started “The House” back in January and are already expanding to three cities in the Southeast. We sit down with the guys to discuss how they got started, how they found...

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Why Are We Doing This | TSS EPISODE 7

In this episode, we talk briefly about what it means to be a startup and how to move past those who would detract or deter from what you’re building. Hope you enjoy!  — We often get asked what the “WHY” behind this show/our work is. It’s an outstanding question to tackle, so instead of a new interview – this week we talk about why we’re doing this and what we hope to build together through this community. A “startup” is the term many folks use for a new business (or sometimes an idea) that they plan to pursue as...

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Finding Your Flow | TSS EPISODE 6

On episode 6 of The Startup Show, I got to interview Jeremy Dooley. Jeremy is a designer, author, and the co-creator of ChaType (first typeface to be created for a US city…Chattanooga). A central theme that arose from our conversation was the idea of finding a “flow state” and how chasing the high of working in a flow state changed Jeremy’s trajectory in life. In fact, it was feeling a flow state while working on a graphic design project that directed Jeremy to leave his business major and enroll as a design student. The rest is history. Jeremy has...

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The Startup Show LIVE: Special Startup Week Episode

Thursday, October 19 at 2 PM – 3 PM We’re hosting our first LIVE episode of The Startup Show! As a part of Startup Week, we’ve got the incredible opportunity to film an interview with a local legend (more to come) who has helped shape the Startup culture in Chattanooga. More details to come — Make sure to mark you calendars and come join the...

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