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Month: August 2017

Made in America | TSS EPISODE 5

On this episode, we interview Entrepreneur, Designer, and Creative Director Chris Logsdon. Over the past 4 years, Chris has turned an instagram hobby into a men’s fashion brand called Godspeed Co. with high-end products and global reach. Oh, and he’s employed at Gary Vee’s agency as a Creative Director. We had a fun conversation talking through how to use 5pm-8am as you build your business, the biggest key to getting started, and what “Made in America” means to Chris and his customers. 7:52 HUSTLE 5PM TO 9AM 11:45 THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO GETTING STARTED 16:00 WHAT BEING “MADE...

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The Fantasy Football of Sales | TSS EPISODE 4

Episode 4 is a straight-up Masters Course in managing millennials, creating effective content, and SELLING to Fortune 500 B2B businesses. Jeremy Boudinet is the Director of Marketing for Ambition Sales and has led their growth from a recently funded startup from YCombinator, to a profitable business serving the largest B2B companies in the world. IF YOU’RE IN SALES this will be the best 30 minutes you’ll spend learning all month.Enjoy and LMK what you learned!! sidebar: LMK what you think of the longer format. We’re always trying to provide better and better content for you...

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Not a rockstar | TSS EPISODE 2

On this episode we get to talk with lead singer, entrepreneur, musician, and Alex Jones nemesis Nick Lutsko. Nick is a brilliant agitator who has taken the internet by storm. He’ll tell us how! 1:47 – HOW DARE YOU? 3:48 – THE ALEX JONES SCANDAL 9:49 – ALBUM...

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Just another fitness entrepreneur | TSS EPISODE 1

Episode 1 is with my good friend Matthew Averyhart. Matt is a hustler through and through and has founded companies in the fitness, photography, and media industries. Today, we’ll hear how Matt built a high-end training studio for busy executives, and learn some tips for getting started and staying disciplined. Enjoy!! 1:36 – HOW DARE YOU? 2:07 – WHY FITNESS? 4:41 – HOW TO CREATE DISCIPLINE 6:14 – FITNESS MYTHS...

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